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A practical six week online course in Acting through Song


This course needs a minimum of 4 participants. Please register interest below.

Acting through Song - We have to hear it AND see it!

Just because something looks and sounds natural, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been planned and rehearsed…

After devising this process for the Acting through Song syllabus at London Studio Centre last year, I was thrilled to present it (in translation) to a cohort of Chinese students online this summer. One of them said after completing the sessions:

“This experience is my treasure, I’ve learnt so many things which helped me advance a lot. I can't believe I’ve made these improvements in only 6 sessions. I haven't learnt acting through song systematically before and now I can use the techniques well. I just can't express my gratitude to you.” Yolanda

Join me for this intensive short course detailing how to start on the road to being understood, to moving your audiences and immersing yourself in the journey of your song, instead of just worrying about the hitting the high notes! 

The sessions will be divided up into the following points:

DICTION - tools to help you be understood and inhabit the lyric like you are the one singing it for the first time

DYNAMICS - how do we change our sound? Is it just a case of loud and quiet?

What if there were voice qualities we could train into our instrument and choose line by line to really colour our singing and let our audience hear how we feel…

DETAIL - the magic is in the detail, but what detail can we add beyond the lyric and the sound? We’ll dive into the other tools at our disposal to achieve the most expressive performance possible

DIRECTION - acting is a verb, a doing word. When we don’t know what to do, we need to DO SOMETHING! Make a choice, choreograph that into the routine of our song, repeat, embed, inhabit.

This is where our RoadMap comes in, an actual GPS route for the journey of our song.

Sessions will include theory, demonstrations, discussion and both group and individual practice. There is an additional option to receive one short feedback video per week for further individual coaching. Students selecting this option will be required to submit a practice video to me by the day of the week stipulated and can expect feedback returned to them before the next online session. 

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Online course only, 1.5 hours for 6 weeks for £150 - less than £17/hr! 

Additional feedback video per week for £30 extra  (only £5 more per week) - £180


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